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Visual Story

Visual Story telling is the art of conveying an emotion through vivid images. This course was also a part of the immersion semester at the ETC. It involved understanding basic visual components to convey a story more effectively.
We had a team of four people throughout the semester for this course.
Candy - Music Video Assignment
  • Duration : 3 Weeks
  • Theme : To create a music video which tells a story within 4 minutes. No dialogue allowed. Our theme was Love & Competition
  • My Role: Actor/ Director
Days in Umbrella Revolution - Transmedia Assignment 
  • Duration : 3 Weeks
  • Theme : Nonlinear Interactive Storytelling, i.e to use multiple mediums of communication and convey a story. We made a simple website and created flyers
  • My Role: Programmer/ Designer
Retrofit Video 
  • Duration : 1 Week
  • Theme : Recreating a scene shot for shot; (No audio is to be used from the original soundtrack)
  • My Role: Director
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