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Sentiment Analysis Using Natural Language Processing

  • Developing a Sentiment Analysis Engine integrated as a web application.

  • Extraction of Social Media datasets from twitter/facebook.

  • Use of HTML5/CSS3 for frontend.

  • Machine Learning through Naive Bayes algorithm.

  • Use of Python+nltk as the toolkit for tokenization, parsing, semantic reasoning and POS tagging.

Employee Expense Management System

  • Developed a Web application built on the Struts 2.0 framework for management of employee expenses in an organization.

  • Implemented multi level workflow as per the organization hierarchy.

  • Dynamic report generation using Jasper studio.

  • This team project represented the college at the national level through a project making competition called IBM The Great Mind Challenge 2013.

  • Reached the final Face-to-Face round amongst thousands of teams.



Food Moods Catering Services

  • Designed a website in HTML/CSS using Adobe Dreaweaver.

  • The website involved crisp navigation, eye pleasing UI. a showcase menu and contact us functionality.

  • Javascript validation for contact form and connected to MS Access as the back end.





Cricketers Database Application

  • The application was developed in Visual Basic.

  • It uses MS Access at the back end.

  • Used to implement various database operations by firing queries through the front end.



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