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Team AweSeven - SMALLab #Programmer

Developed engaging educational games in the SMALLab (Situated Multimedia Arts Learning Lab) environment for the Elizabeth Forward School District. The focus was on math and vocabulary games for 3rd to 8th grade students. We also built easy to use customization tools so teachers can customize the game content.
The technology integrates video projectors, 3D object tracking, and physical objects that interact with virtual worlds. It allows multiple players to simultaneously interact with each other and projected game elements in a real-time shared physical space to make learning fun and interactive.
                                                     30s Teaser
  • Worked on innovative game mechanics that fit in the SMALLab development environment
  • Designed and developed game workflows that align with the educational objectives and meet curriculum standards
  • Created a bridge between the customization tool and the game so that all custom data is read and populated in the game
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