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Building Virtual Worlds  #Programmer

This course was a part of the immersion semester at Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center (ETC). As a part of this course we were divided into teams of 5 people for every round, after which the teams were shuffled. Each round lasted for 1-3 weeks where we worked in tandem with other programmers, artists and sound designers to develop interactive entertainemnt experiences.
All this culminated into the BVW Festival where the entire building was turned into a fun fair for hundreds of guest to experience these worlds. Around only 20 worlds were selected from amongst all the worlds through a Jury selection process.
ROUND 5 - F.R.A.P.S (Federal Republic of Allied Planetary Systems)
  • Duration : 3 Weeks
  • Theme : Create a world for the BVW festival keeping things like naive guests, high turnaround times and replayability in mind
  • Platforms/Technologies : Leap Motion, Unity3d
  • My Role: Programmer
ROUND 4 - Cheilo
  • Duration : 3 Weeks
  • Theme : To tell a compelling, meaningful interactive story
  • Platforms/Technologies : CAVE, Makey-Makey, Unity3d
  • My Role: Programmer/ Live Actor
ROUND 3 - SpaceDodge (Lightning Round)
  • Duration : 1 Week
  • Theme : Create a simple, fun and engaging experience
  • Platforms/Technologies : Jam-O-Drum, Unity3d
  • My Role: Programmer/ Designer
  • Selected for the BVW 2014 Festival
ROUND 2 - Climb to the owl
  • Duration : 2 Weeks
  • Theme : No instructions allowed (Naive guest round)
  • Platforms/Technologies : Oculus Rift/ PS Move, Unity3d
  • My Role: Programmer
  • Selected for the BVW 2014 Festival
ROUND 1 - DreamSomnia
  • Duration : 2 Weeks
  • Theme : Signify that the guest is helping character A reach a goal and character B is in the way.
  • Platforms/Technologies : Microsoft Kinect, Unity3d
  • My Role: Programmer
ROUND 0 - Robo Runner
  • Duration : 1 Week
  • Theme : To get started with using the tools and technologies to develop a virtual world experience. Art and Sound Assets were imported from the Asset  store.
  • Platforms/Technologies : PC, Unity3d
  • My Role: Programmer

Personal Projects


Development Screenshots and Assets
Pixel Glitch - December 2013
  • A 2D game built on the lines of Snake II for Android
  • Implemented Assets, UI Screens and rendering pixmaps
  • Developed using the Android SDK 4.2.2
  • Technologies: Eclipse (IDE), Adobe Photoshop
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